The Opportunities Party's take on Budget 2024

The Government’s new budget will put the wealthy further ahead of those in the middle, and it will make life tougher for those doing it hardest.

The cuts to social services and environmental funding will make life harder for those with the least, and will increase long-term costs for us and future generations. The cuts to conservation and environmental funding under the budget, adjusted for inflation, will reduce our ability to address climate change and protect our environment. The cuts will also affect vital research, leaving decision makers worse informed on these issues in future. The axing of public transport subsidies will clearly reduce our ability to meet our emissions obligations. 

These are real issues, but the ultimate failing of the budget is that it merely amounts to another round of tweaks, this time in the direction of National and its coalition partners, while our pressing economic, social, and environmental challenges continue to be unaddressed. While the additional $12b of borrowing to fund tax cuts is clearly problematic, this additional debt will pale in comparison to the long-term deficits we are accumulating through housing unaffordability, deprivation, family harm, and climate inaction.

The budget will hurt equity across New Zealand, as the benefits will largely accrue to the wealthier while the cuts will disproportionately affect vulnerable groups. New Zealanders deserve better than this, but we must not let debate over minor tax cuts hide the fact that the real issues are going unaddressed.


The Opportunities Party's Approach:

Truly addressing our social, economic, and environmental challenges will require more than tax tweaks and minor spending adjustments. It’s time for a fundamental shift – a collective commitment to re-evaluate our approach to tax, welfare, health, housing, and the environment.

The Opportunities Party (TOP) advocates for a forward-thinking approach, aiming to introduce a fairer tax system to enhance incomes, ensure financial security, and restore dignity to the public service system while keeping environment and sustainability as a priority.

Over the next couple of months, The Opportunities Party will be working to listen to New Zealanders and pitching the importance of addressing the root causes of our nation's challenges. It's time for fresh voices in Parliament, to move beyond short-term fixes and embrace a vision of a future of better opportunities for all New Zealanders.