Property is NOT productive, you also miss the mark on the housing crisis

Property is NOT productive, you also miss the mark on the housing crisis

Firstly property is NOT a productive asset, it does not add any real wealth to the economy. It is simply the transfer of wealth from one person to another. Your 'Tax Reform' policy aimed at taxing the family home is frankly wrong - as people already get taxed (rates) by local & regional councils anyway. It would only hurt people already struggling to afford their homes.

Also your migration policy doesn't even mention the impact high-migration levels are having on housing demand, if you want to be taken seriously you'll need to stop parroting the liberal/left myth that 'we need lots of immigration to be successful' (no nation has ever decreased inequality due to high immigration - quite the contrary). TOP's migration policy therefore misses one of the most important factors in housing affordability, and is likely politically-designed that way to avoid potentially upsetting foreign investors and recent migrants. A small amount of immigration is reasonable, but your party doesn't actually offer any new viewpoints on this, it's just the same failed neo-liberal policies of the status quo.

If TOP is to succeed politically, it will have to do better than just being a re-branded version of National, United Future & ACT - as it's policies are pretty close to the government we have already.

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