It is already fair.

It is already fair.

The last thing we need is for tenants to get away with rent arrears, anti social behaviour and intentional damage to properties. If you managed to reform the act then Real Land Insurance would go out of business because they would consistently be paying owners out for rent arrears and intentional damage. I'm not sure how an owner can then pay their mortgage on a property if some tenant is not paying rent, that owner will sell up or give notice that they are moving in, and once the tenant is OUT, then sell up. As for social housing, good luck with regulating that - after 4 years with HNZ you see everything. I like the current National policy where it is 'not a home for life' and best you better yourself by getting a job and then moving on to renting in the private sector. Not that there will be any rentals available, as investors will sell their stock due to it being too hard to get rid of problem tenants.

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