The Opportunities Party to Register

The Opportunities Party (TOP) has begun the registration process with the Electoral Office. Party leader Gareth Morgan commented that with the change in the electoral landscape there was a possibility that an early election could be called and for this reason the decision had been made not to wait until March.


“I had thought we’d wait until March by when all of our seven policy priorities had been announced and we could assess the level of support before we proceeded with registering”.

“However with John Key resigning and Labour seeming to be calling by-elections at will, there is a possibility that National will get sick of that tactic and just go early. We have to be prepared for that eventuality”, Dr Morgan said. “We have over 2,000 financial members so on that score we’re easily above the 500 required.”

“ I’d like to see us with a real mandate for change so I have in mind a lot more members than we have now to make that a reality. I’m happy to continue to make the pledge that all membership fees will be refunded if once all our seven policy priorities are out, New Zealand decides it’s not actually keen to break the status quo. I want the the Establishment party government - whoever it is - to break from its lethargy and implement some meaningful policy reform. That’s all I care about, so I hope you have the fortitude to back our vision"“So far the reception to the first two policy releases has been good. New Zealanders I think recognise the need for fundamental change if we are going to end this crazy inequality ladder we’ve been climbing since the neoliberal experiment failed to deliver “trickle down”. In that sense the tax rebellion and restoring housing affordability which lie at the centre of our flagship policy, have been well received. Add to that our policy to address immigration and stop this inflow of people with only so-so skills, and I think we have identified a path for increased prosperity for all New Zealanders”.

“As I keep saying you cannot build genuine and sustained prosperity on a tax and regulatory base that is simply unfair. We have greater inequality today because of the policies we have put in place since the Douglas years. Our kids and our grandkids should expect us to do better in this regard than we have”.

Dr Morgan continued, “We’ve also been approached by some pretty outstanding candidates who wish to stand in electorates so I have been thinking hard on that. While personally I don’t want to go near parliament without a significant mandate for progress, there are both younger and regionally-oriented people already amongst our membership who would form a great ongoing parliamentary team. We will assess each proposal for electorate representation on its merits”.

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