The Opportunities Party gives Greens full marks for trying on parental support

At The Opportunities Party (TOP) we’re so glad the Greens are joining us in choosing to address child poverty with policy that is supported by high-quality scientific evidence. 

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TOP’s Social Housing Policy

We need more and better social housing. How would TOP’s policy achieve this? We’ve had a lot of questions on this. 

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UBI – Realistic Goal or Pipedream?

A number of people have asked me what the ultimate objective of “The Opportunities Party” is. We have a tonne of policies, so which are the most important? What are we trying to achieve? 

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Child Poverty Action Group Endorses TOP's Thriving Families Policy

Press Release

Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) says the "Thriving Families" policy of The Opportunities Party (TOP) announced on Tuesday recognises New Zealand desperately needs a fundamental re-envisioning of the welfare and income redistribution systems.

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The beginnings of a UBI and Thriving families - Launch presentation

Here is the video from the launch of the UBI and Thriving families policy. The video outlines The Opportunities Policy and gives a background to the concept of a UBI.

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