We Can’t Get Rich Buying Houses Off Each Other

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Absolutely, and as somebody who has invested heavily in R+D very successfully over the years NZ is the least favourable place to conduct science, product development and grow a technical business within the OECD. The hurdles are immense, the tax system penalizes you for doing so and then the market is ultra conservative (note the small c), if I had ploughed these funds into housing then the gains would be effectively tax free and those assets could be leveraged massively. The banks turn pale when you explain that you want to buy another $300,000 machine that doesn’t actually produce something, but does make sure what you are doing is pure, clean and made in NZ with global opportunities. Yet they cut the interest rate when I asked for $300,000 to buy another house. So I will continue to do what I do – but the benefits are not in NZ and will remain so as the product list grows at 1 new product a week – shame as most of them could have been game changers here and really improved things: