Going Nuclear on Climate Change

At the Labour campaign launch, yesterday the party’s leader Jacinda Ardern used climate change as a rallying cry, claiming that it was her “generation’s nuclear-free moment”. The trouble is that going fossil fuel free is going to be a lot more difficult task than going nuclear free. 

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Lipstick on a Pig

Some people have taken my “lipstick on a pig” comment as a personal attack on the Labour leader Jacinda Ardern. I can assure everyone that is not the case.

 “Putting lipstick on a pig” is a euphemism for a meaningless face-lift or makeover. And until such a time that we see real change from the Labour Party we think that the euphemism is appropriate.

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TOP's bottom line - Speech at Celebration of King’s Coronation

It is with humility and profound respect that we stand here upon your ground as your guests today.

We consider it a great privilege to share in the commemoration of your sovereign’s coronation and are honoured by the opportunity to make some remarks to you on such an important occasion.

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Modern Monetary Theory – Will it Work?

The concept of Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) is gaining traction around the world, and the visit of Bill Mitchell last week has given a boost to these ideas locally. There are a bunch of things where MMT has a similar view of the world to conventional economists. It also debunks a few of the popular narratives about government surpluses and deficits, particularly challenging the idea that the government’s books are the same as running a household. Whether or not the ideas will work depend a lot on the circumstances, and while MMT has a lot to offer we don’t think New Zealand is ready to apply it – yet.

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3 Reasons Why TOP’s Water Charge Won’t Increase Food Prices

Labour’s plan to charge for water was met with hysterical squeals from farmers and commercial water users. Apparently farmers will go broke and apples will cost $2.80 each. It is of course all complete poppycock. 

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No Need To Lead When You Can Buy Votes With A House

Yesterday Labour’s new leader reaffirmed their softly, softly approach to the housing crisis. Not to be outdone, Bill English reconfirmed that National remains the party of the property owning class. Both our Establishment Parties seem dedicated to not reining the horses on house prices, which all adds up to another spring time price boom. 

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Immigration, Tax and Poor Environmental Regulation Tie Farming To Low Wages

In the last year we have experienced record population growth, and economists are warning this is placing a strain on housing and infrastructure. Yet the Government still refuses to revisit immigration levels. In July under pressure from farming and the dairy industry in particular, the National Government backed down on their proposed immigration changes. 

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Save Dairy… From Itself!

Is The Opportunities Party (TOP) anti-dairying ? As the Rangitata Candidate, I get asked this question often. The answer is NO!

Are we against the current high-volume, low-value model of dairy intensification funded by the taxpayer, which degrades our environment and water quality? The answer is an absolute YES!


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Mike Hosking's thoughts on The Opportunities Party

Dear Shayne,

I write in response to an online “editorial” posted by one of your staff on Monday August 14th.

In what is called “Mike’s Minute” presenter Mike Hosking held forth on his opinions of The Opportunities Party and myself.

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Criminal Justice Policy The background evidence

This paper covers evidence supporting The Opportunities Party’s criminal justice policies. In some cases it covers the same evidence referred to in the long Description of these policies, but in more detail or with more discussion. 

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